Last Tuesday…


Last Tuesday my tea was hot and endless. I looked through my closet deciding which dress to wear, trying on a dozen shoes. I stood in my bathroom and took for granted the clean water than ran from the spigot, the toothpaste and makeup just another part of my everyday routine. My biggest dilemma was whether to drive, walk or bike to work. Today all of that has changed. My eyes and heart have seen a state of disaster.

The beautiful souls of Louisiana have endured a “1000 year flood.” There are no words to describe the sites on the ground. Think of yourself, the town you live in. Think of the houses that you drive past and admire. The houses that have held Thanksgiving dinners and birthday parties. Think of the houses that have welcomed home newborn babies, and deployed soldiers. Now imagine 90% of those homes flooded by swollen rivers. The coffee shop you go to in the mornings, under five feet of water. Your favorite lunch spot, the chairs are floating through broken windows, they’ll never reopen because for a small business owner the loss is too great.

Now imagine returning to your flood ravaged home a week after being rescued by a stranger in a boat. Your door is marked with a red spray painted X signaling that the home was searched for survivors, or for bodies. The smell is nauseating, but it doesn’t compare to what you’ll find inside. Your furniture has floated from room to room. Your grandmother’s china was smashed when the china cabinet bobbed around in the water and tipped over, your books, family photos, your clothes, your shoes, destroyed. Your car has been pushed several feet from where you parked it, and it is leaking brown putrid water. You look down the street to see hundreds of others wandering around their yards, sharing your fate.

Last Tuesday, I was a girl who worried over silly things. This Tuesday I am a girl who has seen the heartbreaking devastating impacts of a flood. I can’t turn away unchanged and you shouldn’t either. This is happening, it is real. PLEASE do what ever you can to help.

-Melissa Sheets


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