Your Part in #EveryChild Matters

As disasters and conflicts of all kinds seem to be swirling around us now more than ever, we feel that we have been wrapped in a warm blanket of love and support that has come not from your wallets, but from your hearts. As such, we wanted to do more today than just post a message of thanks. We wanted to share with you some of the good that you have shared with us.

Here are just a few of the reasons:

Andrew Brown: “I’m 10 years old and at the end of the year I donate some of my savings to a charity. I hope this helps someone.”

Mimi Hancock: “My son, John, was a volunteer with you several years ago, helping to coordinate relief efforts in Haiti in 2008. He has remained committed to your work, its power, reach and kindness. We applaud and thank you for all you do selflessly to help others in need here at home and around the world. In this divisive time in our country, it is especially inspiring to see you unite us with others through true care, help, and hard work THANK YOU!”

Sherri Seaman: “You give hope and inspiration to children everywhere, you should be very proud!”

Rebecca Bromark: “In memory of my grandmother, who had the biggest heart and who loved all people so much. I hope your organization can keep making lives better for more children, their grandparents and their families, around the globe.”

Greg Lande: “To help those less fortunate!”

Wilfred Yenko: “Thank you All Hands for reviving hope and joy to communities around the world.”

Jack Ferrebee: “Thank you David for your endless generosity!”

Sue Patterson: “I had a profoundly moving and meaningful experience volunteering for a week in October with All Hands in Baton Rouge, LA. I am very impressed with the dedication of the All Hands staff and volunteers, and with the simplicity of the All Hands organization-the singular focus. I believe in you!”

Teresa Regan: “We all need to start taking better care of one another. Everyone deserves hope.”

Marinel Valentini: “Thank you AHV for transforming into reality children’s dreams of living and studying in safe environments.”

Karen and David Mount: “I was fortunate enough to get an inside glimpse of All Hands when I volunteered after the Moore, OK tornado devastation. It is a very well run organization that reaches out to help those in need…both near and far…That is what our country is truly about.”

Curty Croisetiere: “Great cause! Great people! Great country!”

Joseph Dragone: “I am blessed with a great family and want to share my good fortune with others.”

Hillary Morton: “If you have it to give then it is only right to pay it forward.”

JJ Hepp: “#EveryChild matters!”

Jan and Beez Hazen: “There’s no better Team!  We know this because we’ve worked with Hands in the US and abroad.  Thanks, David, for your vision, leadership and continued contributions.”

With that, we add our voice to yours. Here’s to more light in the world, more help for the helpless, more light in the dark, and more hope for us all.

~ Erik Dyson


You did it. Once again,  you came through for us and those we serve, breaking the seemingly impossible $100,000 glass ceiling on Giving Tuesday with an amazing $102,322 in donations. This puts us at a grand total of $152,322 with David Campbell’s generous match. We are humbled and proud to know you and call you our friends. THANK YOU!

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